I have been seeing Dr. Bocchi since we moved to Reno about a year ago. Everybody is super nice and really informative.

When I first came to Sierra Smiles, I was in high school and my teeth were a work in progress. I actually have hypodontia, which means that I wasn’t born with enough teeth. The two teeth next to my front teeth were missing and I only had the baby teeth. Dr. Bocchi suggested a number of procedures that would result in natural-looking teeth of the proper size. I had braces when I was younger, and then wore a retainer. In spite of all that, my teeth kind of moved back to where they were, so Dr. Bocchi sent us to another orthodontist.

I had braces for the second time to get me ready for the two surgical procedures I needed. The team was really good about preparing me and telling me what to expect. Plus, all the specialists Dr. Bocchi sent us to were wonderful! Now, I get asked all the time, “Where did you get your teeth done?” I am so happy with the results! My teeth look great!

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