My teeth were overcrowded and I had an overbite. I had braces before but then my wisdom teeth came in and crowded everything. I was looking for someone who did Invisalign and when I searched for certified dentists online, I found Sierra Smiles! I liked it there so much, I switched to them for my regular dentistry too. Everyone at Sierra Smiles made me feel really comfortable. They went over the full plan, going through everything from start to finish and explaining how everything would be. The Invisalign took about eight months, but it absolutely took care of all my problems. I am really happy with the results!

I love this place. I always tell everyone that going to my dentist is like going to the spa! I especially like the hand wax. I tell my friends, “It’s my spa day today!” on the days I get my teeth cleaned! Everyone here is always so nice, remembering my name and making me feel welcome – I just love them. I now have my mom and my dad and my grandma now all come to Sierra Smiles; I have made everyone switch!

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