I started looking for a dentist when I moved to Reno two and a half years ago. I had a dentist up at the lake, but that was pretty far to go for dental maintenance. I was unable to find one, so I went on the web. Sierra Smiles had some great reviews and, amazingly, it turns out that the practice is just about 200 yards from my office! Literally within walking distance! I made an appointment, came in, and I have been a patient ever since.

My smile was in pretty good shape – there were no critical difficulties, but at some point we discussed the idea of doing veneers. I said I was pretty interested in looking at the options. We had a couple of meetings and concluded that I couldn’t do the veneers unless I had my teeth straightened because of my bite. So we went through a little longer process, placing Six Month Smiles braces to correct the bite, and we did the veneers after that. Now my teeth not only look great, they feel great too.

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