I needed to find a new dentist because mine was no longer practicing. He was recommended by a lady I play golf with who is a hygienist – and not an employee of Sierra Smiles! I had some minor flaws in my smile, but I primarily needed routine care. I was never nervous or apprehensive during any of my care here. Now I have been with Sierra Smiles for over 9 years and I couldn’t be happier!

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Tips For Denture Maintenance And Cleaning

7 Tips For Denture Maintenance And Cleaning

Are you wondering what it takes for proper denture maintenance and cleaning? Taking proper care of dentures is essential when it comes to their being able to last you for many years. While following the maintenance and cleaning instructions that come with new dentures is indeed necessary, sometimes understanding a few additional denture care tips…

An Implant Dentist Discusses   Cosmetic Benefits Of Replacing Missing Teeth

An Implant Dentist Discusses 5 Cosmetic Benefits Of Replacing Missing Teeth

If an implant dentist has suggested replacing a lost tooth or teeth with dental implants, it might help learn about the cosmetic benefits of that choice. Dental implants are a durable and reliable solution for missing teeth and the benefits are remarkable. By replacing lost teeth, patients can get their smiles back as well as…