My husband was a patient here and so I began coming too. My teeth were not as pretty as I would have liked them to be when I first came. I had a couple of fillings that needed to be changed and I also wanted my teeth to be a little whiter. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about the cosmetic care. I’m not from this country and my previous dentist, who was the very best I could find in Tehran always told me that I didn’t need the cosmetic treatments I wanted. He said they would damage my teeth. He was a great doctor, but Dr. Bocchi just made it happen. He did a great job. I love the results and I am so very happy! My experience has been lovely. Honestly this is not an office, this is a spa! You come and get those warm pillows and warm wraps for your hands. Everybody is super friendly. I never had any anxiety going to the dentist but my sister did. Once she walked into the office, all that was gone.

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