Fight Gum Disease the Easy Way with Help from Sierra Smiles

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Complete Health, General Dentistry, Gum Disease

How much time do you spend thinking about your gums? While gum disease might not be on your mind a lot, here at Sierra Smiles, we think about your gums A LOT.

The Negative Impacts of Gum Disease

As a complete health dentist, we know too well the negative impact that gingivitis and periodontitis can have on the human body. That’s why we work hard to help you find new, convenient ways to care for your smile–and gums–between visits.

Fortunately, fighting gum disease has become a lot easier thanks to an innovation in dental hygiene known as Perio-Protect. Perio Protect is an easy-to-use, at-home tray system that is transforming mouths and helping people reverse the effects of serious gum disease. Before we get too far into how Perio Protect works, let’s first examine why combating gum disease is so important.

Why Should You Protect Your Gums?

It may seem surprising, but the health of your gums has a serious impact on your body’s complete health. Despite the relatively small real estate that gums take up in the human body, they can cause a lot of trouble when they are neglected or if an infection is left untreated. For example, gum disease has been linked to:

  • Tooth loss
  • Bone loss
  • Kidney issues
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory disease
  • Heart disease
  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia
  • Cancer
  • Stroke

What Makes Gums Such a Great Transmission System for Infection?

Why are the gums such a perfect and unwitting ally in fostering disease and spreading infection? Here are a few of the insights scientists have developed in the study of gum disease’s impact on the human body:

  • When you have too much bad bacteria in your mouth, it can enter your bloodstream through the soft tissue of the gums. These bacteria can cause inflammation and infection in other organs as your body attempts to fight infection.
  • Persistent gum disease puts a lot of pressure on your immune system to continuously fight off a more serious infection.
  • Gum disease can lead to loss of tissue and bone and create new pockets for infections to thrive.
  • Recent studies have found that both the inflammation caused by gum disease bacteria, as well as the bacteria themselves, can weaken the body’s blood-brain barrier. Scientists theorize that this can make cognitive conditions like Alzheimer’s worse, as well as chronic conditions like heart disease.

How Can Perio Protect Prevent Gum Disease?

The leading cause of gum disease in the United States is poor dental hygiene. It can be caused by a sugary diet, a lack of flossing and brushing and even genetics in some cases. Given that gum disease affects more than 47% of the adult population in the United States, it’s not an isolated problem. It is a trend that is in desperate need of reversal and tools like Perio Protect can help.

A Perio Protect dental tray Perio Protect is a non-invasive gum treatment system that attacks harmful bacteria that live deep within the gums.

Even the most dedicated brushers may still leave bacteria behind and there are some places that even floss may not be able to reach. Perio Protect solves both problems using a specialized hydrogen peroxide formula and custom-fitted dental trays.

Using trays custom-molded to fit your mouth, Perio Protect delivers medication straight to your gums, where it can penetrate the areas that need it most in just a few minutes each day. It is a solution you can use while you’re completing chores, getting ready for work, or relaxing after a long day.

By destroying harmful bacteria, Perio Protect can help you halt the impact of gum disease on your body. In your mouth, it can slow or prevent bone and tissue loss and heal infections in the gums. It also limits the chances that bacteria could travel to other parts of your body to cause inflammation or disease. All while giving you fresher breath and a brighter smile.

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Would you like to try Perio Protect for yourself? The perfect time is right now! For the month of December, Sierra Smiles is offering a savings of over $200 off the Perio Protect system. Simply contact our office to discuss how you can begin your treatment.

You can also learn more about the impact of gum disease on your complete health with our free e-book,

“Healthy Gums, Healthy Life: Understanding Gum Disease and How It Affects the Rest of Your Body.”

It takes a deep dive into the information we’ve already shared and provides a handy quiz to help you assess your risk of gum disease. It also offers excellent tips on how treatment systems like Perio Protect can help keep your gums healthy for life!