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Unbelievably knowledgeable

“Sierra Smiles is awesome! The staff is so friendly and wonderful with both of my kids! Our doctor is unbelievably knowledgeable and has gone above and beyond to help me digest several medical issues I have had. I can’t say enough great things about them!”

Meghan Cushard

Made Me Comfortable

“Fantastic experience. I am extremely afraid of dentists and they made me comfortable from the moment I walked in!”

Shelby Lopez

By Far the Best

“By far the best dentist I have ever been to. I came in with a lot of issues: cavities, wisdom teeth, border line gum disease & they had all the updated tools to get me fixed up. I used to hate/dread going to the dentist, but my hygienist made me comfortable and helped me get my gums back to the best place they have been in my adult life.”

Jenna Holland

Painless, Quick, and Professional

“What a wonderful dental organization! They truly have the best, most personable, kind hygienists and modern technologies to make your experience painless, quick, and always professional. Highly recommend!”

Madeleine Key

Glad I Have a Safe Dental Office

“Experiences with a few dentists in the past have left me very untrusting, anxious, and full of shame when it came to dental visits. This office felt welcoming and compassionate. I am grateful and excited about the Sierra Smiles team helping me get my teeth the care I am needing. I still have some grief and shame to unpack, but I am glad I have a safe dental office to give me the space to begin this journey. Thank you!”

Geneva Santiago

Great Environment

“Everyone I’ve ever encountered at Sierra Smiles is so fun, happy, and looks like they enjoy what they do. It’s a great environment and having staff with the ability to put you at ease is a great asset. I would refer anybody looking for a solid dentist office to come here. Keep killing it!!!!”

Brian Kelly

Makes Me Look Forward to Getting My Teeth Cleaned

Sierra Smiles seriously makes me look forward to getting my teeth cleaned. The office itself is beautiful and spa-like. They offer you a paraffin wax dip for your hands while you are in the dentist chair. All of their equipment is state of the art and they even have a wand that detects abnormal cells/pre-cancer in the mouth. I always feel so productive getting a clean bill of health while getting pampered at the same time when I visit Sierra Smiles.”

Mindy Wallis

Absolutely Amazing

“It was my first time in this office and it was absolutely amazing from the moment I checked in to the moment I checked out. The staff were great: very nice and very professional. The doctor was amazing ! Very nice, very honest, and made me feel comfortable. His assistant was GREAT! He was really helpful and very professional and made me feel right at home! I will definitely keep coming to Sierra Smiles for my dental services!”

Oscar Munoz

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