Cosmetic Dentistry Case Study

Meet Alexis

“I had always been embarrassed about my front tooth–I severely chipped it while playing softball in high school but had never done anything about it. My embarrassment got so bad that I trained myself to smile with my mouth closed and was afraid to laugh or joke around in case anyone would notice my teeth. I wouldn’t even go to restaurants because someone might see it when I was eating.

A friend suggested I go to Sierra Smiles, and I’m so glad I did! The whole staff was so kind—and fast! I walked out of the office with a new smile after ONE VISIT! Now I can laugh and smile without worrying. My friends say I’m a whole new person!”

Who: Alexis, age 22

Problem: Chipped front tooth

Solution: A CEREC-created porcelain veneer

How we did it: We were so happy to help Alexis regain her confidence! Using our CEREC machine, we were able to transform her smile in just one visit. How? The CEREC used advanced imaging to x-ray and photograph her teeth to build a full 3D model of her mouth. Using computer-aided design software, we highlighted the tooth that needed restoration, and the machine’s milling unit sculpted a restoration using ceramic that matched Alexis’ natural tooth color. 20 minutes later, Dr. Bocchi permanently sealed the veneer to Alexis’ existing tooth. 

The result: Now Alexis can enjoy life to the fullest with a beautiful smile that will last for years.

Ready for your own smile transformation?