Use Your Dental Benefits Before the End of the Year!

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Complete Health, Dental Insurance, General Dentistry

Did you know that most dental benefits do not roll over into the next calendar year? The end of 2022 is approaching and that means it’s time to work fast if you want to maximize your dental benefits before they expire.

In fact, you have less than six weeks left in the calendar year to take advantage of benefits such as cleanings, x-rays, dental implants, surgical procedures, or orthodontic treatment. Add in that some treatments may require approval from your insurance provider, and you’re looking at a tight timeline if you want to squeeze every last penny out of your plan.

Here are the top reasons why you want to make sure you use your dental benefits before the year’s end.

1. You Pay for Your Dental Benefits

The biggest reason to use your benefits is because they are yours! You earned them. Even if your dental plan is funded by your employer, it’s still a benefit given to you as part of your overall compensation for your labor. Many people with employer-funded dental insurance leave thousands of dollars behind throughout the lifetime of their dental plan because they failed to recognize their dental benefits as part of their overall income.

And they’re not the only people leaving money on the table. Patients who pay a contribution or self-fund their own insurance can also let unused dental insurance dollars go to waste due to time constraints, fear, or forgetfulness. At Sierra Smiles, we want to help make sure you get the most out of your dental plans and maximize every benefit — especially at year’s end.

2. Routine Dental Care Saves You Money

Using your routine dental care benefits like twice-yearly cleanings and exams saves you money by maintaining your teeth for a fraction of the cost of repairing or replacing damaged, decayed, or missing teeth. In fact, some insurance companies don’t even charge a co-pay for cleanings because they’ve learned that regular dental care actually saves them more money!

If you haven’t taken advantage of the basic care options covered by your insurance company, it’s not too late. If you’ve been a little lax in your time between cleanings, it’s not too late. There’s still time to make an appointment and get your oral health back on track before the end of the year. Don’t put off that filling, that cleaning, or that fluoride treatment any longer. Give us a call!

3. The Kids Are Home for the Holidays

If you have a college student coming home for the holidays, this is the perfect time to make sure they get the dental care they need. Between classes, work, and extracurriculars, you’re lucky if your newly-minted adult is brushing and flossing regularly. While scheduling a dental cleaning is probably not high on their priority list, you can help! Encourage them to make an appointment with your family dentist while they are home on winter break.

This is a great time for younger children, too. Their time off means you won’t have to pull them out of school for their appointments. During the appointment, your child will be able to address any issues such as bleeding gums or potential cavities. For minor issues, your dentist may even be able to provide treatment during the same appointment. That means you’ll be able to use their share of your dental insurance before they expire, and you can ensure they have a healthy mouth when they head back after their break.

4. Avoid Potential Price Increases or Supply Shortages

With shipping delays, product and medication shortages, and rising costs for materials and tools, some dental professionals may find that they have to raise rates for certain procedures. Over the last three years, for example, the prices for personal protective equipment have climbed while availability has fluctuated. There have also been periodic shortages of medications and supplies for surgical procedures in areas throughout the United States. These shortages can lead to a delay in performing many types of treatment until supplies become available once more. In short, you can save money on your co-pay and lock in your treatment now to avoid potential increases or delays in the new year.

5. Your Dental Plan Will Change in the New Year

Many people use the standard fall enrollment period to change dental plans if their current plan does not work. Other individuals may find that their existing plan will phase out benefits, reduce maximum contributions, or increase deductibles in the new year. An employer may even decide to forgo dental insurance altogether, leaving employees scrambling to find new plans that may or may not be comparable to their previous insurance. If you know your insurance plan is changing in the new year, make sure you make the most of your remaining benefits before moving on.

Maximize Your Benefits. Call Sierra Smiles!

Sierra Smiles can help you close out the year with a healthier, happier smile. Set up an appointment with us before the end of the year and we’ll help you get started. Be sure to ask about our end-of-year special on our disease-fighting Perio Protect gum treatment trays when you call.