Horrified Patients – How Our Reno-Based Office is Changing the Face of Dentistry

by | Sep 21, 2021 | General Dentistry

She was literally shivering in the dentist’s chair. She was only scheduled for a semi-annual cleaning, but too many bad dental experiences had her scared. I came in and said, “We can just talk. Nothing happening today if you don’t want to. You can keep your mouth closed unless you want to say something.” She laughed. This was NOT the dental care she’d been expecting. 

But at Sierra Smiles, we know that you want to live a confident, active and full life. And we work hard to get to know you and find out what that looks like for YOU before we pick up the first instrument. We want our patients to come in, be comfortable, and calm as well as learn more than you ever have about the mouth-body connection.

What you won’t find here

We look into your eyes before we look into your mouth. That’s why we won’t start a dental exam without having a consultation first. We will review proactive steps we can take together to protect both your smile and your health and wellness.  

We don’t wait until you’re in pain to treat you. Unfortunately, a lot of times, if the person is already in pain, they will need extensive, often expensive treatment. We work hard to stay out ahead of any issues.  Our philosophy of dentistry uses the best technology so you stay comfortable during visits and we can avoid crises.

What you may be surprised to find

The gateway to full-body health is the mouth. We partner with you and your physicians to build a transformational approach to your health and wellness called Complete Health Dentistry.

So many serious, systemic diseases can start or be identified during a dental exam that includes the correct scans. From stroke and cardiovascular events to certain types of cancers and even dementia, your mouth, teeth, and gums can be a crucial signpost to avoiding critical medical crises that you may have “never seen coming”.

Why our patients are horrified

Many of our patients are horrified because they can’t believe their old dental care practice skipped these crucial steps:

  • They didn’t educate them about bleeding gums–and what they mean for Complete Health
  • They failed to relay that oral bacteria and gum disease have been linked by so many healthcare practitioners and researchers to avoidable, chronic illnesses. 
  • They skipped upgrading their technology and didn’t scan for adverse conditions in the body.
  • And finally, the old practice skipped an emphasis on sleep as a key component of Complete Health and that dentists should and could help with sleep or airway issues. 

We want to be sure you know that with preventative care from Sierra Smiles, you can stay happy, healthy, and live life to the fullest.

Scan for problems; sleep study in the comfort of home

During your visit be sure you take advantage of oral cancer screenings with our state-of-the-art VELScope, imaging with non-invasive intraoral cameras, at-home sleep tests for children and adults, and CT scans to screen for airway issues.

Your caring, comprehensive-dentistry neighbor 

With two offices in Reno and one in Tahoe, you can pop in during our convenient and extended hours and make an appointment without putting a dent into your day.

Get ready to meet our amazing and friendly teams; hear about how our satisfied patients are solving severe dental and/or health issues; learn how our fast reaction to the issues we uncovered have saved our patients from expensive, painful, chronic health ramifications and improved not only their smile but also their quality of life.

We’re going to ask you questions you probably never had to answer at the dentist’s office. And then we will listen carefully! That’s how we uncover the answers you need.

Call today for an appointment at one of our convenient locations. Zephyr Cove: tel: 775-588-8484 Damonte Ranch: tel: 775-825-8463 or Kietzke Lane: tel: 775-786-1911