Open Up and Say: Ahhhhh, I Don’t Have to be Afraid of the Dentist Anymore!

by | Aug 1, 2021 | General Dentistry, Mindset

Your mouth does so much more than you know. Sure, it eats, talks, may also whistle, sing and get brushed and flossed regularly (we hope). But it’s also the way we can identify how to improve your total health. When you come to Sierra Smiles, you can expect a radically different experience—one where we are proactive about your health and focus on:

Less pain and better health 

Complete Health Dentistry is a combination of technology and techniques that will transform your experience at the dentist.

What to expect- a four-step process

You have X number of teeth in your mouth but a plethora of health issues your mouth can uncover—truly, the mouth is the gateway to whole-body health. When you come to Sierra Smiles, you can expect a new experience that puts you in the center of your treatment. Here’s how it works for a patient we will call Samantha:

  1.     At 10 a.m. on a Tuesday, Samantha sits across from our dentist to talk about her dental history. She’s a little crestfallen—she’s not been to the dentist for years, thanks to a phobia she retained from childhood. Samantha stops sweating and starts smiling soon. Dr. McShosh tells her all about Complete Health Dentistry and the comfortable experience she can expect. He also asks her about her overall health, something she’s never shared at a dental office before.


  1.     Together, Dr. McShosh and Samantha make a plan. Because of her underlying conditions, they plan to speak to her physician and let her know what scans and studies they would like to begin. Samantha starts to feel like she’s embarking on a transformational experience. That’s because she is.


  1.     The Smile Quotient—after the consultation and the Complete Health Dentistry opportunity is fully explained, the hygienist and the doc begin to use the best technology available to transform Samantha’s smile. She may have a few more appointments planned but she’s been given payment options she can live with and a clear path to the best smile of her life.


  1.     The fourth step is this: Samantha will stop a few things she’s been doing:
    • Stop being afraid of invasive treatments that made her blood run cold. 
    • Stop waiting for problems to happen and take a proactive approach to whole body health. 
    • Stop thinking that dentistry is about cosmetics and fixing problems and more about a proactive, whole person approach whose procedures and costs have been demystified through her interactions with our team.

What others are saying

Are you caught in the cycle of dental and health-related problems? Are you nervous about the dentist –not only the procedures you fear, but the cost? Listen to several real clients who have had their complete health picture uncovered and their confident, active life recharged at Sierra Smiles:

“Sierra Smiles is such a great place! They have this awesome payment plan for those of us who don’t have dental insurance which helped me tremendously when I had to get three teeth filled. I highly recommend Sierra Smiles for your next dental journey. You WON’T be disappointed.” – Abby Wallace

“Wonderful atmosphere. Everyone was friendly and went the extra step to make me feel welcome and heard. Dr. Bocchi’s bedside manner puts you at ease and he really explains things well. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!” – Jennifer Newkirk

“Getting your teeth cleaned feels like a spa day. I have not been to the dentist in years because I was terrified from a past experience. So glad I came here! Everyone explains every step of the way, so you never have to worry about what they are doing to you. They show you all your x-rays and describe treatment in a way that makes sense.” – Amber Gaines

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